New Bugaboos offically go on sale

Today is the day. The first day of the last week of January. And while that may mean nothing to us American folk, in the Netherlands it’s a whole new world. For today is the day when the two new Bugaboos go on sale. Yes, after several months of waiting, the Bugaboo Gecko and the Bugaboo Cameleon will hit the stores in their motherland. As you may recall I posted several months back about these two new models. The Gecko is the new lightweight model Bugaboo, while the Cameleon is the one where you get to play around with the cool colors.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of differences between them and the Frog. Sadly though, the rest of the world outside of the Netherlands won’t see it until this summer.

Wearing a statement

Does it not seem like there is a onesie now for every possible sick statement a baby could make? Everything from “I See Poo In My Future” to “Boob Man” and even grosser things than that! And if its not sick, its something stupid like “Please Vote” (on a baby?) or “Feed Me”?

Thankfully, The Land Of Nod has come to the rescue. They have created onesies that actually say something cute. The “Terms Of Endearment” Onesies feature sayings that people actually call their sweet little bundles, like Sweet Pea, Pumpkin, and Cupcake. Not to mention the designs are the cutest things! It comes in two sizes and goes for $19 a piece.

Gucci Baby……for the child with everything

Gucci’s baby collection is starting to pick up again for spring. Instead of just shoes and the diaper bag and carrier this year, they have added hooded towels, bibs, raddles, and quilts. Also back are last years favorites with some new style. The shoes for spring and summer are just adorable. Especially the t-strap pink girl’s shoe! And of course the infamous Gucci baby carrier with matching diaper bag in Gucci print is still as chic as ever for the woman wanting more than your average Bjorn.

I have seen many of the ultra- designer diaper bags up close (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.) and they really look great. They come with such cool features too, like cell phone holders and very conmfy changing pads. I hope Gucci adds their kids’ and baby’s clothing line back too. That was just awesome!

New Bellini Furniture

Bellini’s new furniture line, the French Cottage Collection, is set to come out soon. Antique white and black are the colors it comes in, matching many of Bellini’s cribs that comes in antique white. The furniture collection will feature a child’s bed, two different armoires, bookcase, nightstand, two different chest of drawers, and desk. No word on exactly when we will be seeing this line, but I’d imagine it will be out sometime in the spring. Most gear and furniture companies tend to release new stuff around then. I sure hope they have it in time for my next trip out to LA!

Janie and Jack summer

Seaside Splash is the latest collection from boutique Janie and Jack. They are one of the first lines to start off the spring/summer this year and since I have not been posting clothing in a while, I thought I might give it a try. I saw the kids’ swimsuits in the store the other day and they are way cute! They also make sandals and cover-ups and all kinds of things that match. Even their clothing lines match the suits!

Janie and Jack also recently opened some new stores, so check their website to see if their is one near you!

Pregnant and cool!

Who says being pregnant means you can’t be cool? Juicy Couture now has maternity clothing to solve that problem! Hoodies, stretch pants, t-shirts, jackets, and all sorts of Juciy labeled items are available in every color of the rainbow (or it wouldn’t be Juicy). I saw this for the first time today on A Pea In A Pod’s website and I think they are just too cute! I love Juicy’s pants. I wish I could find this stuff in non-maternity wear. But as is, its only for the ladies carrying the future generation. The rest of us will have to wait.

Get Julia’s Double Stroller

Julia Roberts bought this stylish twin stroller, from Zooper, for her two little ones. Called the Tango (since it takes two, get it?), its designed both for newborns and children. It comes with its own rain cover and full boot and actually fold up pretty well. I’ve looked for an online store link, but as of yet I cannot fine one!

*update* This will be our new server from now on. I have given up on ebloggy. I just hope we can get back the 6 month archive. The voting may take place sooner than Feb. 12, as we have all the nominations that we need. There will also be a contest to go along with the voting.

New modern crib

I have trying to put this post up for days now!

Oeuf has started their own furniture line this year, including a crib and changer. The modern design was feautred recently in the New York Times and is expected to come out later this year. I love the chic look to it and how the changer can be put on the crib and then taken off. I have not seen any like that in a while. Oeuf also has some more new items for 2005. Check them out on their website!

New server

This is the new server for the blog. Ebloggy died on us and I am hard at work to rebuild a new one! I hope we can still save the archive!

It may take a bit before this site is perfect again (a few days). So bare with us.